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To be or not to be Befikre

‘Ude dil befikre
ude dil befikre
Angaaro mein nikhre
ude dil befikre”

‘heart flies carefree, enhanced by the embers of fire’

Really does it?


33624-Ude Dil Befikre (Befikre).jpg
Image credit – Songs MP3.com

The Yash Raj banner is back with an up-with-the-times love story. After selling us the idea of living and loving carefree provided your parents are happy and willing to let you love in their film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) comes the latest installment ‘Befikre’ where Aditya Chopra is trying to sell you the same idea of living and loving carefree but sans the parents.It surely has been a long journey for him from ‘Come fall in love’ to ‘Dare to love’. The film is yet to release but the trailer and the songs all desperately try to hammer home the concept of wild love.

The recently released title track ‘Ude dil befikre’ is no different it sees Ranveer and his co-star Vaani giving outrageous dares to each other. Ranveer challenges her to steal an underwear from a designer store and strip to her bare bra in a library while she tags him back by asking him to get her the football of a game in progress and even cajoles him to dance on stage by interrupting a dance performance. So, stealing, striping in public where people are trying to read and pitch invasion – is this really how you love limitless or is it pure Shenanigans!

At one point the characters do get detained by the police but they continue to dance, using their handcuffs as a prop. Sigh!

Times have changed and so have the love stories but is daring each other, ‘Love’? It may be! Everyone defines love differently; But daring or living carefree and boundless at the cost of someone else’s loss and discomfort is not daring to love at all. You can be stupid and daring in love by all means but causing others harm at the expense of your own stupidity is never your right. The song shows the main leads ‘getting away with everything without consequences’ but the reality of life is different.

Living life on the edge fearlessly without caring about anyone else is what Yash Raj banner is trying to sell as love (or rather lust). Is that anywhere close to your idea of love? The formula is still in the making…


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