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Pravasi – A stranger at home

Everybody dreams of traveling, it’s a hobby that people love to maintain. But what if this travelling becomes a compulsion to ensure a meal? What if you are to live landless, be known as a migrant worker, an outsider in your own country who is usually frowned upon by the natives living there? Everybody does not get welcomed with open arms.

Our blog post Naka markets: Where skills are for sale talked about these migrant workers and the challenges they face to make ends meet. Both men and women alike toil day and night to ensure food on their plates at the end of each day. However, women migrant workers face struggles of a very different kind.

The documentary film `Pravasi’ (Traveller) by Aquila Khan talks about the women construction workers who come to the city to fulfill their simple dream of being able to earn a decent livelihood. The film raises strong voices to explain their daily struggles. The highs and lows of life but the constant shining hope of seeing their children in a better place doing better things and most importantly without the tag ‘Migrant’. The film gives an all-round understanding of the migrant worker industry and the hardships a woman worker faces.

Disclaimer: The film was made as part of a student project for Social Communications Media, Sophia Polytechnic during the academic year 2014-15.


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