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This time for Africa! – A wildlife safari

Widely regarded as the place where human life originated, Africa is home to many of the world’s best loved and most fascinating animals. It is a place where large predators roam the sweeping savannas among huge herds of grazing herbivores. Though Africa is known for its lions , elephants and giraffes, there are several other native species that make it a unique habitat.

On my tour to Africa, I discovered the beauty of African forests lies in its vast green lands. I looked around and could see a herd of elephants roaming around in one corner, zebras and wilde beest, topi happily grazing in front of me, group of Impalas and Gazels  in another corner and Giraffes somewhere far away eating from the trees. On delving deeper into the forest I was overjoyed to spot a lion, first taking a walk and then taking a nap (may be after a heavy meal), a cheetah standing strong (probably charged for a hunt), hippos lazing around in the water (lazy hippos huh! Do something you’re on camera).

There is always a sighting , there is always something happening in an African forest but surprisingly it all seems so peaceful  at the same time. If you are want to explore the wild, go waka waka, this time for the African safari.

1) The African elephant’s interesting characteristic is that it’s ear resembles the shape of the map of Africa.


2) Now that’s what you call a‘Zebra-crossing‘.


3) Ostrich males stand 6ft tall while females are slightly shorter at 5ft 7 inch -6ft tall. 


4) Cheetah, known as the fastest animal in the world can accelerate to its top speed of around 100km/hr in just 3 seconds.


5) Wilde beest, a very common animal in Africa are known to migrate around 1000 miles a year.


6) The yellow-billed stork does not generally vocalise, except for during the breeding season, when it will hiss and clap its bill.


7) The Masai Giraffe is the largest subspecies of nine subspecies of the giraffe family.


8) Topi, native African antelopes, are very social and get mixed with the zebras, wildebeest and other species.


9) Secretary bird, hunt on their feet. They hunt by stomping the prey by their feet.


10) The waterbucks are the antelopes that live near water and graze on the grass near the water.  They release an odour which keeps them away from their predators.


11) This animal could easily be mistaken for a deer. It is called a Reed buck. Strange how similar looking animals have different names in different countries isn’t it?


12) In Lion animal kingdom, a male cub is supposed to find its own territory after reaching a certain age. This young male seems quite prepared.


Photo courtesy: Tanmayi Oak


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