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It’s a dog’s life!

While working on our blog post  Indie dogs as pets? , we discovered people are fascinated by foreign dog breeds, while Indian dogs are hardly seen as pets. We could go on and on about why you should get home a desi dog but then we thought why not show you. After all, seeing is believing.

Meet two pouches from the same litter, Butter and Scotch or as we like to call them the Yin-Yang puppies because though they are twin brothers, they have completely different temperaments. But together Butter -Scotch make the perfect scoop!

Adopted as abandoned strays at the age of around 1 month, both of them were inseparable when they were brought home for the first time. Their Indian breed heritage gives them a set of special skills which includes being extremely hard working, appreciating a good afternoon nap after lunch, digging up the garden mud because they come from the land of farming, being excited by the aroma of maa ki haath ka khana (home cooked food) and protecting the house and humans against birds, cows, other humans and even shadows.

The pros that come with adopting Desis (Indian breeds) is that they shed far less body coat and are more adaptable to the climate, food and general being of our country. They are equally smart and adorable as any other breed.

You’ve heard enough from us. Now we’ll just leave it to Butter-Scotch to do the talking.

Here’s to the crazy, adorable and loving duo!

Butter so deep in thought that he has fallen asleep.
Scotch’s Mantra – Feel like a frog, think like a frog, sleep like a frog!
Their favourite spot to do it all – pee, poo, dig and nap.
Partners In Crime-That look after being caught red pawed, napping on the couch!
Because no one else can pull off a simple garment and make it look so chic.
Introducing the fresh and new – Out of shower look 
Why play with two balls when one ball can be fought over?
Lights, camera, WOOF!
Who can say no to that adorable face?
When nose detects food, respond with extreme case of cuteness.
Because chewing is the way of being.
“Hello! From today call me Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.”
The look of perplexity – I can see them on my head but why can’t I smell them?
“Boring idea human. Diamonds are so last season, pearls are the rage now”.
“Hey human, I know this is your place but I need my beauty sleep”.
 Photo courtesy: Tejasvi Momaya

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