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Dahisar River – One river, two views 

If you have visited the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, then there is little chance that you have not stopped by to enjoy the view of the picturesque river. It is disheartening that the Dahisar river, one of the four rivers of Mumbai has been in a poor state for years and nothing has been done about it.

The Dahisar river originates in the forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and flows 11 kms through the city before it meets the Mira-Bhayander creek. In its early phases, as you can see, it is a beautiful river. But as soon as it enters the city it turns filthy, polluted by encroachers, industrial waste and untreated sewage.

It is said that several scenes of Bollywood movies were shot on the banks of this river in the yesteryears.  It’s high time the authorities and citizens take a concrete action to safeguard the Dahisar River. If we love our city, shouldn’t we protect its beautiful rivers too!

The Dahisar river adding beauty to Borivali National Park.


 The Dahisar river that is in a polluted state when it flows into the urban area.


Disclaimer: This post was first published in Marginalia 2014-15 by SCM Sophia. Adapted by Leading Lines.


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