Our Take

फ Queue

It’s 4 am. The newspaper walas and doodhwalas are the only ones on the lonely street. The radio is playing Mohammed Rafi songs. Everything is calm and serene but you’re running and rushing, you have a mission to complete. You have to reach that spot before anyone else. You walk as fast as your feet can carry you. Finally, there you are! But you are not alone, there are a number of people ahead of you in the queue. फ Queue! We feel you. The sudden demonitisation announcement has left you, like millions of other Indians living in queues.


Queues at some places are so calm that they’ll give competition to Gandhi’s Satyagraha. But at most places the great Indian queues are back – bigger and noisier. There’s pushing and pulling, fighting and shouting. One variation of this is the ‘Tere baad mera number’ queue where you inform a person in the queue that you’re next while you go about your chores. But when you’re back, brace yourself for the abuses from the people standing after you in the queue. And then there’s that queue where you keep you keep your belongings in the order of your position in the queue. No, we aren’t kidding. Perhaps, the famous Thailand shoe queue was after all invented in India. You might even find traces of it in the Vedas.

The long queues have rendered you cashless, jobless and useless. You could now Book My Chotu , a service that allows you to hire someone to stand in for you in the queue! Or you could fill your Facebook and Twitter timelines with rants. You anti-nationals how much do you complain? Weren’t you in queue for Jio sim or multiplex tickets? Oh yes, as a country queues are not new to us. Birth certificate or death certificate, municipal hospitals, public transport, school and college admissions, ration, buffet or gifting at weddings – everywhere there’s a queue. Considering India’s population, supply will always be greater than demand and there’s bound to be a queue.

Then why do we complain about the bank and ATM queues? Well because this time is not about the फking Queue, it’s about choice and principles.




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