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NGOs, do you have a digital presence?

Having extensively worked in both the social and commercial worlds, we believe in bridging the gap. While dealing with NGOs, we observed that they are reluctant to the idea of being seen online. Even those that have a digital presence do not take it seriously.

When asked, “Do you have a digital presence?”, these are some of the responses we got.

1.”No, we’re an NGO.”

On one hand we have NGOs who have been working for 20-30 years for a cause and not many know them outside a specific circle of people and on the other hand we have brands who may not even be one year old but many know it.  It’s a misconception that only brands need a digital presence. Unless you are out there no one will know you exist.
2.”We’re not selling anything then why digital presence?”

Well, we disagree to this. You are definitely not selling a product or a service but you are selling an idea, an idea of a better world. Be it women’s empowerment, child rights, LGBT rights, animal protection, environment protection or any other cause, through your digital platforms you can create awareness for your cause and garner support.
3.”We’re doing pretty well all these years with no digital presence then what’s the need for it.”

With digital you can do way better than that. No just a particular locality, city or state; digital presence gives you the power to reach out to the whole world. More and more people can get associated with your cause, which could result in increase in the number of members and volunteers.
4. “Good work speaks for itself you don’t need to blow your trumpet.”

It’s one thing to do good work, it’s a totally different thing to sustain it. Lack of funds is a major reason, most NGOs are unable to sustain their work. When you go digital potential funders can see your work and so there is a greater chance of receiving funding.

5.”We have no idea how this whole digital thing works. What do we need?”

How to inform people about your NGO and its work- visiting cards, brochures, annual reports, events, right? And only an X number of people would know about it. If you want to reach our to a wider audience what you need is an up-to-date website, a blog that gives details about your cause and work, harnessing social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for driving conversations about your cause. When you go digital the possibilities are endless.

6.”We’re under-staffed and over-worked. Who will handle our digital identity? “

Managing a digital identity requires continuous planning and execution. We know well how each team member in most NGOs are already burdened with multiple tasks. Even if a team member would manage the time to handle your digital presence they may not have the expertise. Instead of hiring a separate social media manager, graphics designer, developer, content writer; outsourcing the work to an agency would definitely be more cost-effective.

7.”Will an agency understand our work and portray us in line with our vision?”

A lot of the agencies that specialise in corporate clients may not have the sensibility to handle social sector accounts. You would need an agency that understands your vision, your goals, your work and the way you work. We come from a background of extensive experience in both social and commercial worlds. With us you get best of both worlds; perfect blend of professional level work with a social understanding.


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