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Yay! 30 days of #NaBloPoMo Blogging Challenge completed

1st December has brought with it sweet tidings way before Christmas since we have successfully completed the NaBloPoMo Blogging challenge.

Picture Credit: Unsplash

After contemplating starting the Leading Lines blog for months, the push came in the form of NaBloPoMo. It’s been a crazy one month. But we are glad we took up the challenge.

Publishing a blog post day in and day out, even on weekends and holidays is not just about creativity. It’s about being well read, up-to-date, research, lot of thinking, lot of planning and most importantly the discipline of putting a post out daily.

We would like to sum up the 30 days journey as below :

1.What should the blog be about?

A personal blog can be random. But if it’s a company blog, there has to be method to the madness. We wanted the blog to be professional without losing the personal touch. This blog is beyond work. It’s where we express our creativity, talk about the causes an issues we care about, share stories that inspire us  and a lot more. Stay tuned we have quite a few tricks up our sleeve.

2. What should the topic of the day be?

While most Indians were worried about cash, we turned hawks scouting for topics for the day. The NaBloPoMo daily prompts were too personal to fit in here. So we had to get our thoughts running. Keep a tab on the latest news updates, developing stories, digging out from personal experiences. Do we choose trending or do we choose evergreen content? If we choose trending what do we say that’s different from what has already been said.

3. How can we put out a post daily without hampering other work?

When you have a team and a 100 things to do, sparing sometime a day to put out a blog post is a huge ask. Ideation  and research was a team exercise.We planned ahead of time for busy days. It was extremely helpful to have people we know contributing guest posts, photographs and their inputs on specific topics.

4. What lessons did we learn from this exercise?

We learnt the discipline of writing a post daily, planning ahead, quickly move on to another topic when you know one is not going to work out, being smart in creating some posts that are not time-consuming to create but still make for good content. And finally standing up for each other and doing it all together.

When you are thrown in the middle of the sea you have only two options – swim or drown. And we are swimming!


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